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A podcast that meanders through topics like a fat chick through a buffet. A show full of news, pop culture, movies and television. Give it a try and within a couple episodes you'll be hooked. Also featuring our shorter segments like "On the Road Again w/ Shaggy" by individual hosts to get you through in between full shows.

Nov 30, 2010

Thats right it's post Trkey and Pre-Christmas and all the topics come out of the wood work.

Go to for more information about the show.

Nov 16, 2010

This show we focus on 18 words the parents television counsel would rather not be said on prime time, new labeling for cigs, 8 things you should know how to do before your 30, and we get a weekend update from Mike the "Christmas setup too damn early" Apeman.  Also We've gone through the entire studion and redone...

Nov 1, 2010

Folks it's a constant in the universe, PTR will go  on, the podcast will be posted late, and anytime I rewire it's bound to be fun.  Something which is NEW and UNIQUE is that PTR now has a official sponsor. and they give to us and we give to them!

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