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A podcast that meanders through topics like a fat chick through a buffet. A show full of news, pop culture, movies and television. Give it a try and within a couple episodes you'll be hooked. Also featuring our shorter segments like "On the Road Again w/ Shaggy" by individual hosts to get you through in between full shows.

Jun 15, 2018

In this episode we go over a few celebrity deaths, Zima, another teacher sex scandal, politics, television and as always our double feature movie review.

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Jun 8, 2018

Originally this was going to just be a quick episode about my upcoming trip on Saturday but then I realized it was way too short so I added in another episode I recorded Friday. So your two topics for this combined episode are my upcoming trip to rediscover family AND the swatting of David Hogg and how I wish we would...

Jun 6, 2018

In this episode Shaggy talks about his thoughts on a lawsuit against an Indiana school districts policy on how to address students and then we delve into the latest news on the baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple and clarify the ruling that was handed down.

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Jun 5, 2018

In this quickie episode we go over the not so glamorous life of a mobile DJ and multimedia presentation provider.

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May 31, 2018

In this On the Road Again segment Shaggy goes over a lesson for couples, or really anyone in a relationship. It's one about weighing how much a solution costs vs the cost of having a fight. Giving some examples from his own life you'll see sometimes maybe a hit to the checkbook is softer than the couch.

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